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Happy Birthday Poems

Poems about birthdays are for everyone and they come every 365 days! Okay… add a day for leap years.

At any rate, unlike other celebratory days like weddings, and parenthood, and religious events, we all have our very own birthdays and it doesn’t matter that other people are born on the same day we are. Each birthday is special in its own right. Birthday celebrations vary from simple cake and gift giving to days out on the town. Celebrations may include a few or many eager beavers doing their part to make the birthday person feel special and appreciated.

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Borrow birthday poems listed here and don’t forget to drop off a few lines of your own to share with others. That is, of course, if the poetry bug excites your creative juices!


    Your knee cracked
    You thought you’d break your back
    The super sonic sound
    Heard from U.S. to Iraq

    Your heart dropped
    Fearing you were growing old
    Witnessed by your cracking bones
    “My hairs have grayed,” you moan

    Your mind knew
    You were getting on in years
    Aging bones one of your fears
    Like your senescent senior peers

    Though you managed not to fall
    Legs kept creeping down the hall
    In your mind your youth had gone
    Left you in the senior zone

    But does that really matter when
    Surroundings of fam’ly and friends
    Brings you continued happiness
    The end is anybody’s guess….

    Welcome to your
    Senior life
    And hold on for
    More years of strife

    Happy Birthday Senior Citizen!