Holiday Poems

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, birthdays, anniversaries, Pi Day, Earth Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day… The list goes on and on… and who doesn’t enjoy a good celebration? Celebrating holidays lifts the spirit and break up the monotony of everyday life. With the numerous amount of holidays to be celebrated around the world, mos people cannot keep up with them all. Calendars notating holidays to help make observers aware of upcoming holidays even miss important dates. This is why poems about holidays make great cards. For every great card created with just the right images, a perfect poem to match that card’s theme makes all the difference when it comes to complementing images with appropriate poetic verse.

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Borrow poetry about holidays listed here as well as dropping off a few lines of your own…

April Fools’ Day

by R. Renée Bembry

On April Fools’ Day

I threw my clothes away

‘Cause I only wanted to dress

In my birthday suit


On April Fools’ Day

I shaved my head bald

Even though I’m a girl I

Inked my scalp with a boot


On April Fools’ Day

I caught a poisonous snake

To decorate the icing

On a birthday cake


On April Fools’ Day

I penned this silly verse

Hope you did not believe

A single word – for goodness sake!